Kevin Jones
Username: k.jones
Password: kevinjones
Role: Administrator
Access: Back end
Helen Lewis
Username: h.lewis
Password: helenlewis
Role: News editor
Access: Back end
James Wilson
Username: j.wilson
Password: jameswilson
Role: Developer
Access: Back end
Donna Evans
Username: d.evans
Password: donnaevans
Role: Customer
Access: Front end
John Smith
Username: j.smith
Password: johnsmith
Role: Customer
Access: Front end

Welcome to WebConsulting

Welcome to another TYPOlight example website that is shipped with all official TYPOlight templates. TYPOlight is a PHP5 powered web content management system that has been developed by Leo Feyer in 2004. It generates W3C/WAI compliant XHTML code and uses CSS to style it. TYPOlight has been released under the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL).

About the template

The template contains not only style sheets with format definitions for all content elements and modules, but also a fully preconfigured example website with different users and user groups. See the infobox on the right for more information about users and roles.

All persons, news and events in this template are fictional.

Latest blog posts

2008-02-26 12:03 by James Wilson

Form follows function

If the form of a website becomes a goal in itself, instead of a means to an end, the website will not work.


2008-02-12 08:48 by James Wilson

Singular and plural keywords

The majority of search engines today handle singular and plural keywords differently.


2008-01-24 16:32 by James Wilson

Fixing the double float margin bug

Here are some instructions on how to fix the Internet Explorer double float margin bug.


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